Using The Archive

Listening Facilities


Short audio clips from all the recordings can be listened to on this site.


A complete set of recordings, on CD, together with summaries and supporting information, is held at the Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton, and can be listened to in the searchroom. Please contact: 


Somerset Heritage Centre

Brunel Way
Langford Mead

Norton Fitzwarren
01823 337600 (Bookings)
01823 278805 (Enquiries)



Search the Online Catalogue


All the recordings deposited at the Somerset Heritage Centre have been given the reference code A/CMQ/2.  To search the catalogue of the recordings online go to www1.somerset.gov.uk/dserve, select 'Search catalogue' and enter A/CMQ/2 in the RefNo field.



Reproducing Information from the Archive


All recordings are copyright ©SRLM. The recordings on this site are for private listening only and copying, broadcasting or reproduction is prohibited.  While we welcome students' and researchers' interest in the archive, no extracts from the recordings or their summaries may be used for commercial purposes or public performance without prior authorisation.  Should you wish to do so, please email somersetarchives@swheritage.org.uk .



We have attempted to acknowledge copyright wherever possible. We apologise if we have wrongly credited a photograph. Please contact us immediately with any queries regarding images.



The summaries available on this website are a guide to the full contents of the recordings.  Please note that some are given in greater detail than others. Although they are as accurate as possible, they are working documents and it is important that they are viewed as a complement to the audio archive, not a substitute.  The views expressed are those of the contributors.


Producing the transcripts has been an enormous task for the project volunteers, to whom we are very grateful.  If you have any comments or queries, please email somersetarchives@swheritage.org.uk .