Cousins, Fred (b.1915)WrantageTeasel growing
Flatt, Hugh (b.1917)WillitonMixed farming
Whitcombe, Henry (b.1900)WesthayHunting and trapping
Sealy, Jane (b.1952) & Andrew (b.1948)Westbury sub MendipDairy farming
Green, Paul (b.1957)West PennardCheese and butter-making
Cotton, Allen (b.1933)West BradleyMixed farming
Dodkin, Fred (b.1927)WellsWorld War II
Stubbins, Eddie (b.1927)WellsPaper-making
Walker, Gordon (b.1924)WellsCheese and butter-making
Paul, George (b.1924), Jack (b.1921) & Madeleine (b.1919)WellsBuilding and stone masonry
Rose, Cuthbert (b.1907) (part 1)WedmoreCider-making
Rose, Cuthbert (b.1907) (part 2)WedmoreCider-making
Rose, Cuthbert (b.1907) (part 3)WedmoreCider-making
Rose, Cuthbert (b.1907) (part 4)WedmoreCider-making
Rose, Cuthbert (b.1907) (part 5)WedmoreCider-making
Duckett, Mary (b.1915)WedmoreCheese and butter-making